Saturday, April 16, 2016

To the Haters of the JTI: You win! We lose!

You've managed to take a once-vibrant blog and put it into the toilet.  Hear, hear!  You claim to be anti-corruption, etc., but the one blog in the city that was willing to stand up to the powers that be, you attack and destroy.  I knew the JTI was having an effect when lying John subpoenaed me for a blog I wrote during the Bill Bielefeldt fiasco.  Racine Uncovered was also subpoenaed.  Why weren't any of your blogs subpoenaed?  Is it some sort of jealousy that propels your hatred for the JTI?  Even though you've dropped our numbers to less than half of what they used to be, you still troll our site everyday.  We see the IPs and the addresses.

I just don't get it.  Why would someone want to destroy a community blog dedicated to allowing anyone to speak their mind?  I have to conclude that the JTI haters are part of lying John's cronies and the Journal Times liars.  Why else attack a blog that was attempting to give voice to the anti-corruption crowd?  How much does lying John pay you to attack our blog?  We know he pays others.  So you must be on the payroll, too.

You can report to your bosses that your efforts have been a stunning success.  No one wants to comment on a blog when they are constantly attacked for what they say.

Lying John and the lying Journal Times win!  You must be proud of your work to ensure that Racine stays corrupt.        


legal stranger said...

Both of you are so fucked up that it's off the charts.
Like drug addicts, both of you are blaming each other for their woes.
Neither of you have a good grip on reality.
One attacks under a hidden identity and the other lashes out at who tries to help him.
Paranoia and jealousy has destroyed the both of you.

OrbsCorbs said...

Unless you're claiming to be The-coward-who-accuses-others-of-hiding-behind-usernames-but-I-do-it-myself, please don't change the topic. The challenge is out there. Be true to your words, The-coward-who-accuses-others-of-hiding-behind-usernames-but-I-do-it-myself, and tell us who you are.

OrbsCorbs said...

To The-coward-who-accuses-others-of-hiding-behind-usernames-but-I-do-it-myselftext:

You fuckface piece of shit. You call us out on hiding behind usernames but you refuse to reveal you identity after I do so. I have no qualms deleting the words of a coward, here or on the JTI. Grow some balls. Until you identify yourself, you won't see the light of day here or on the JTI.

Piss on you, coward.