Wednesday, May 4, 2016

"Council approves hiring suspended Illinois planner as development director"

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Read the comments and the news stories they link to concerning Amy Connolly.  Holy shit!  They're not even trying to hide their corruption anymore.  They must be putting something in the water.



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The Fools of Racine are being PLAYED:

Embattled Tinley Park employee resigns

Amy Connolly submitted her resignation to Tinley on Wednesday, and it is effective as of Friday.

Connolly, who had served as planning director since the fall of 2007, will remain on the school board of Community Consolidated School District 146 and notified the district of her new job, Connolly's attorney, Patrick Walsh, said on her behalf Wednesday. He said she intends to complete the rest of her current term, which ends next spring, and will divide her time between Tinley Park and Racine, attending school board meetings when necessary. (LOL!)

The Cook County Sheriff's Inspector General, at the village's request, has begun an investigation into the review process for the development, and the Ohio nonprofit that wants to build the 47-unit building, Buckeye Community Hope Foundation, has filed a federal lawsuit accusing village officials of unfairly blocking the project.

Separately, a group of Tinley Park residents have a lawsuit pending against the village that alleges, among other things, village zoning and development regulations were manipulated to benefit Buckeye.

Connolly filed a discrimination complaint with the village when she was placed on leave, and in her resignation letter asked that she be advised of the results of any investigation into that complaint.

Buckeye sued the village last month and U.S. District Court Judge Milton Shadur has set a July 14 status hearing in the case. In the meantime, he has urged lawyers for both sides to "undertake serious settlement efforts before then."

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WIth Mark Hertzberg defending her in The JT comments section I can only assume that she is the "Diverse Hire" - a LESBIAN Crazy Cat Lady.

Queer Nation will save Racine!

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