Monday, May 2, 2016

"Len Barry:'1-2-3'"

There's that damn sax again. It's in my blood. I'm attracted to songs with saxophones in them, but I often don't consciously know that when I pick them. Then when I listen to them, there's that sax. Ever since old Joe blasted his sax in his kitchen, which was directly across from my bedroom, I've loved saxophone.

Joe played in a band that did weddings and such. But he practiced in his kitchen and on warm summer evenings I would fall asleep to that sax. Joe was also an accomplished poet and an accomplished artist. He showed me a lot of his work, most of it done when he was younger. Beautiful work. Both the poetry and the artwork. As I recall, he worked with charcoal a lot. There were also some colored portraits, most of them of his beautiful young wife.

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