Sunday, May 15, 2016

"Lord Love a Duck: Cat Cafés"

"'It’s totally a thing.'

"'Is not. Lord love a duck!'

"But your humble blogger was wrong. It is totally a thing.

"The Cat Café. No, it’s not where they serve overpriced espresso to cats (an experiment that probably produced the image to the right), but where they serve overpriced espresso to cat ladies, in the company of cats.

"If you fill out an adoption application, and the crazy cat lady running the café takes a shine to you, you can get a take-out order adopt-a-kitty.

"For some reason this is all over the news these days. Maybe it’s a lead-up to Friday the 13th when our cat overlords were supposed to unmask and take over the world, but got distracted chasing a laser pointer instead."

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