Thursday, May 26, 2016

"Yorkville's escaped emu returns home safe," after terrorizing the countryside

From The Journal


"YORKVILLE — It took a team of community members, a portable fence and a lucky catch, but a fearful emu that went missing from a hobby farm in Yorkville on Monday is now back home safe and sound.

"Caretaker Dawn Dahms first learned the emu was on the loose after its owner spotted the animal — a flightless, but fast bird related to the ostrich — in the front yard of Dahms' farm.

"Some people who spotted the emu soon after its escape tried to recapture the bird, but that only further exasperated the situation, the Racine County Sheriff’s Office later reported, and the emu fled.

"The bird was eventually captured on Thursday afternoon, after Dahms got a call from someone at Harry Hansen Meat Service, 10407 Highway K, in Raymond, who said he had just spotted the emu in a nearby cornfield.

"'We sent some people out there and they corralled her with some fencing, and then apparently as they were getting her from the fencing to the horse trailer she tried to jump and some man from out of nowhere started walking up and he caught her in midair and got it back into the horse trailer,' Dahms explained Thursday evening." 

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So, I guess that emu is off the menu at Harry Hansen's.

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