Wednesday, June 22, 2016

"City of Racine Mayor 'Lying John' Dickert and Carpetbagging State Rep Cory Mason Can Go and Pound Sand"

From News the JT Can't Use:

June 21, 2016. from The JT:

Waukesha water diversion approved

"CHICAGO — In a major defeat for Racine leaders who battled against the plan, a Great Lakes governing body on Tuesday unanimously approved Waukesha’s proposal to obtain Lake Michigan water.


"Let those two Sore Losers (butt-hurt much?) go and POUND SAND at North Beach! While they continue to whine and hopefully comfort each other. (UGH!)

"Sore Losers 'Lying John' Dickert and Carpetbagging Cory Mason were all FOR IT, until Dickert’s bid was too high to supply it. Too bad. So sad. Shouldn’t have been so greedy.

"But the Fat Lady still hasn’t sung in Racine  – NO – not just yet……"

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