Friday, June 17, 2016

"City of Racine Residents Are Stunned To Discover That 2016 Property Tax Rates Under Mayor John Dickert Exceed Those of City of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel by Almost Double!"

From News The JT Can't Use:

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TSE said...

It's a dilemma with NO comfortable or easy answer. It's now crunch time at Racine City Hall - as the time to collect big and easy benefits and retirements funded by the working stiffs of Racine recedes.

Vos won't let the City do what it needs to do to fund the pensions and benefits properly. But then again, if the City raised the taxes to a rate sufficient to pay all those promised Benefits and retirements - the productive private middle class would leave.

It's a Mexican Standoff - and eventually it will all fail.

Face it - owning anything in Racine, Racine County, or The Criminal State of Wisconsin is just a tax liability.

GTFO while you can.

Don't be Looted by Racine Mayor John Dickert - who Operates a City of Ill Repute.