Tuesday, June 21, 2016

JM - 32

"St. Catherine's legendary coach Bob Letsch retires" - http://journaltimes.com/sports/high-school/st-catherine-s-legendary-coach-bob-letsch-retires/article_2a5163ab-60e7-54ed-81d9-9d77602e5027.html

When I went to St. Catherine's High School, freshmen and sophomores were required to take Physical Education (gym class).  I can't remember if this happened my first or second year of PE, but it happened.  I didn't have Bob Letsch as a regular PE instructor for either year.  However, one day I showed up to gym class and there he was, filling in for whoever was our regular coach.

He was relatively new on the job back then.  Coach John McGuire had his legendary career going.  Letsch is a graduate of St. Catherine's and that's where he returned to work after getting his degree.

Anyway, so Letsch is filling in as coach and he tells us were going to play kickball.  Three representatives from each side surrounded the big "C" in the center of the baketball court and Letsch would walk around the outside, suddenly throwing the ball into the circle and causing all hell to break loose.  A lot of kids got bruised shins that day.  But what I remember about Letsch the most, what I'll always remember, is watching him walk around a group of guys surrounding the "C" and suddenly he jammed the ball up the back of one kid's shirt.  Everyone started kicking at the kid.  I was horrified.  The kid was down on the gym floor, trying to protect his head as other kids kicked at his back and guts.  Finally, the ball sprang loose.

"Legendary," indeed.  

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