Sunday, July 17, 2016

Anonymous Threats

It's been brought to my attention that one of the bloggers that I regularly link to has been receiving anonymous threats to his personal safety on his sites.  He warned me in case I wanted to stop linking to his blogs.  Fuck that.  The threats mean he's publishing the truth.  Nothing scares the shit out of corrupt politiicians more than the truth.  Many would rather die than face it.  Let's accomodate them. 

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Unknown said...

The criminal mafia in Racine County is headquartered at RPD. They protect their own and farm the tax base to supply themselves with outrageous salaries, benefits, and pensions.

It is like the spreading arms of an octopus - look at how many local politicians are former or retired LEO. Police Officers can commit crimes - and they are protected from any liability by Racine City Hall - Racine County - and even at the level of former AG J.B. Van Hollen and current A.G. Brad Schimel. There is a "dirty tricks" division within Racine County LEO that protects and perpetuetes itself.

And why do you think that the DRC - DOWNTOWN RACINE CORPORATION - COPRPORATION!!!!!! For PROFIT! - hires it's own unaccountable private security Team which employs off duty LEO's to "police" Downtown Racine - and thus act as a filter and buffer to conceal from the Community what ACTUALLY transpires Downtown... What happens in Downtown Racine stays at Downtown Racine IF you're connected and protected.

A partial listing: McReynolds, Schmaling, Chiapete, Wahlen, Zarzecki, McClusky, Gleason, Mozol, and Ladwig, are all Team Members. They are unaccountabele and untouchable.

A suicide, or a ritual killing?

RACINE - Judge Dennis Barry was found dead Thursday morning after apparently taking his own life.

Barry, 64, was found dead in Lincoln Park just north of Spring Street. He was found with a shotgun wound to the head, lying on his back in a shallow creek from the waist up, with his legs on the shore, said Racine County Medical Examiner Tom Terry.

"We're satisfied that it's a self-inflicted wound to the head," Terry said. "It's a suicide."

Barry was pronounced dead at the scene at 9:15 a.m., but Terry said he probably died Wednesday evening.

There will not be an autopsy, Terry said.

Dennis Barry found dead in Lincoln Park