Wednesday, July 20, 2016

"From One Freedom Fighter to Another – Happy B-Day While Working For The Same Goal But by Different Means"

From News The JT Can't Use:



"From Fort RUSS:

"Heroes of Donbass: Happy Birthday, Givi!
"This is no Hollywood war movie – but it could have been, given the Ukrainian conflict is permeated with US dollars. These scenes are very real and they are what brought fame (or is it notoriety, in this context?) for commanders 'Motorola' and 'Givi', as they are known, who appear in the first clip.

"Givi is commander of the 'Somali' militia in Donetsk, and to whom Western mainstream media like to refer to as a 'pro-Russian separatist'. Givi is a Donetsk national of Georgian roots, who has (in better days) served in the Ukrainian armed forces.

"Since the start of the Ukrainian conflict, he has been defending the Donbass region from the Ukrainian army, the far-Right Ukro-fascists, paid mercenaries, and their Washington-based founders.

"Meanwhile, Murdoch media paints a picture to the contrary – does this look like a 'Russian invasion' to you? Which side is defending and which side is attacking? Since 2015, Givi has been on the European Council’s list of 'sanctioned people.' I’m sure Givi would wipe his ass with it if he had a copy.


Unknown said...

One Man's Freedom Fighter is another Man's Terrorist.

Oppression comes in many shapes and forms, alongside coercion.

It's dangerous to be right when others are wrong - especially in an organized group.

Fighting for one's Homeland - is honourable.





Unknown said...

*WOW* Now: Police and Fire Commisioner J. Mark Freeman resigned after meeting with Mayor John Dickert, the mayor confirmed late Friday afternoon.

"After a thoughtful and far-reaching conversation with Mayor John Dickert, Bishop J. Mark Freeman has submitted a letter of resignation from the Police & Fire Commission," a release from the Mayor's office said. "His primary goal, Mr. Freeman said, was to protect the reality and appearance of the unbiased decision-making of the Commission."

Yet I just read:

The City of Racine has settled a federal civil rights lawsuit filed against Racine Police officers and the city for $100,000.

The case, Veguilla v. City of Racine et al, involves Racine resident Miguel Veguilla, who claimed he was unfairly treated and had his civil rights violated by four Racine police officers on July 3, 2014. The City Council approved the settlement Tuesday, but not without first emphasizing its support for the Police Department.

According to the lawsuit filed in July 2015, Veguilla was allegedly handcuffed and beaten outside of his home while in his underwear after police came to investigate a crash Veguilla wasn't personally involved in.

*WOW* What do you think is the RACE of: Racine Police Lt. Dave Wohlgemuth confirmed that the four officers named in the suit — Robert Rasmussen, Allan Wassil, Andrew Matson and Christopher Brush — who are still with the department.

You have a case where Actual Criminal by City of Racine Officials is protected, enabled, and dismissed. There was ZERO consequences for the Perps. All LEO.

YET - Bishop Freeman is considered a Racist and Biased because he objects to having his, and others rights violated for no reason at all while the Perps are allowed to get away for it and the taxpayers cover the expenses.

What a dysfunctional society we live in.


It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. Jiddu Krishnamurti

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