Tuesday, July 5, 2016

JM - 36

Let me be clear: I fully accept responsibility for my words and deeds and their consequences over the past few weeks.  For my whole life, for that matter.  This is another thing that reminds me of my alcoholism.  In AA I learned to accept responsibility for many things I didn't remember, and some I didn't want to believe I was capable of.

I had pretty good luck with making amends, but the amends to my ex-wife took a few visits and was emotionally trying for her and me.  My verbal abuse toward her had been hideous.  I did my best to own whatever she told me.  I was so ashamed.

In the same manner, I'm the asshole who had an online meltdown.  I own it.  I did it.  And I caused far-reaching consequences.

I did it.  No one but me.  And once again I'm ashamed.

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Anonymous said...

Get over it and move on.
We have.