Saturday, July 16, 2016

JM - 37

One of my concerns on aging is that I have no relatives close by to feed the cat, watch out for me, etc.  I have a niece in Racine, but if I give her access to my apartment, then her boyfriend will have access to it.  There may be nothing left when I get back home.

The other, elder niece is the beneficiary of my life insurance and charged with taking care of things when I croak.  She lives in Muskego.

When my kidneys went down, there was more than once in the hospital that I felt a little helpless.  The whole thing of doctors/nurses discussing you, but then not discussing with you.  This will only occur more and more as I live longer.  I can understand now my mother’s concern about a nursing home.  You’re essentially a convict.  I’d much rather punch out than be a slave in some facility. 

It’s all a matter of timing and I know of no way to gauge that.  Have a stroke and, bam, you’re a drooling idiot.  Too bad you didn’t punch out the day before. You can’t do it now.

If any of your body is subject to angioplasty or other plaque-dealing measures, know that the smallest piece can break off and lodge in your brain.  I knew a guy like that at the Alano Club.  He went from a hale and hearty man to a cripple.

I wonder, I wonder.

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