Sunday, July 3, 2016

"*UPDATED* Racine – Mas Tequila This Fourth!"

From News The JT Can't Use:

Racine to pay $100,000 to settle lawsuit over man’s arrest

Journal Times editorial: An unsettling settlement

$800K loan LLC ‘parent company’ not involved since late 1997

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TSE said...

WHOA! Mas Tequila!

Meanwhile out in MTP:

So glad I left so that all I work for isn't confiscated by government officials to payout taxpayer funds to Kurt Wahlen's friends in the legal system - who collect no matter who wins or loses.

Has MTP had enough? When will Residency restrictions be introduced? WHen will those who are involved in Offices of Trust and Profit be required to be MEMBERS and SHAREHOLDERS in the Community?

This NONSENSE isn't productive.

It needs to end.

Keep working because those hardworking Asshole Public Employees are spending it faster than you can earn it.