Tuesday, July 19, 2016

"The Journal Times Confirms That Mayor John Dickert’s Dirty Filthy Sanctuary City of Racine Is Populated by Illegal Immigrants – MAS TEQUILA RACINE!"

From News the JT Can't Use:

"The Journal Times, contrary to popular opinion, does a *GREAT JOB* of reporting the news – although it does, at times, seem to provide cover for some of the illegal acts performed under the color of law by local officials – or even their outright criminal acts – but then again, the obfuscation, cover-ups and outright lies by public officials complicates the problem, which is  excaberated by LEE ENTERPRISES CEO Mary Junck who has gutted the Newsroom, emphasizes revenue over quality reporting, while lowering the pay and benefits for Employees, and just like Racine Mayor John Dickert, whose tax policies are Looting a City of Ill Repute (transferring money via taxes from the productive and creative to an unacountable, bloated and incompetent Bureaucracy)  – Mary Junck’s fiscal manipulations and disasters are Looting a Company of Ill Repute."

Read more: https://newsthejtcantuse.wordpress.com/2016/07/19/the-journal-times-confirms-that-mayor-john-dickerts-dirty-filthy-sanctuary-city-of-racine-is-populated-by-illegal-immigrants-mas-tequila-racine/

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Meanwhile at MTP:

"VERY interesting editorial on the Sunday Journal Times today on the dismissal of Kurt Wahlen. We understand the reason Wahlen got 3 months pay in his severance agreement was to walk away clean - in other words - no baloney lawsuits that would only eat up money and leave him sitting in his office planning his next obstacle while the residents paid him. Don't believe his con story - he NEVER offered to resign and his office was cleaned out before the meeting even started."