Thursday, July 7, 2016

"Wahlen may soon be out as Mount Pleasant administrator"

From The Journal

"'Elections have consequences,' Wahlen said when reached by phone Thursday."

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"'Elections have consequences,' Wahlen said..."

So do lies, so do lies.

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Unknown said...

It's a good start.

Next - it's time to dump the Chumps who don't represent the Residents: Beginning with Robin Vos at the State level, then Havn, Hewitt and DeGroot. Next is County Supervisor and former MTP Village Presidents' special friend - Divorcee and Incompentent and Unqualified Village Clerk - Stephanie Kohlhagen - BTW - Kohlhagen is the last name of her FORMER Husband - Robert Kohlhagen, who worked for Johnson-Diversey. All BIG SHOTS who live in luxury on Dora Lane. Let's not forget wife-beater MTP Police Chief Tim Zarzecki and the brown-noser who bailed hinm out - Captain Brian Smith - then there's Logan Martin and Tony Beyer.....

ALso, County Supervisor Mark Gleason needs to be removed from office - either by the legal or political process.


Na Na Na Hey Hey-ey Goodbye

Hey Kurt - enjoy taking your last dump on MTP Residents - looks like the Village Residents just DUMPED YOU. Go back to Ratcine.