Sunday, August 14, 2016

"The Curious Case of Former State Sen. George Petak, R-Racine"

From News the JT Can't Use:

"Everybody in Racine is familiar with former state Sen. George Petak , R-Racine, from Ballotpedia:

"George Petak, a Republican member of the Wisconsin State Senate, was recalled from office in 1996. He had served since January 1991.

"Petak’s recall resulted in the Wisconsin State Senate switching from a chamber with a majority of Republicans to a chamber with a majority of Democrats.

"Those who sought Petak’s recall were angry because he switched his vote from 'no' to 'yes' on a tax plan to build a new stadium for the Milwaukee Brewers that levied a 1/10th of one cent sales tax. In June 1996, nine months after the vote, he was recalled from office.

"Elizabeth Erven led the effort to collect the 11,577 signatures necessary to schedule the election. She stated, "He probably could have gone on to be a lieutenant governor, but the mistake was egregious. And you know, we may not be rich down here, we may not have a lot of great opportunities to excel at a lot of things, but the people who live here believe there are certain lines you just don’t cross. And that was one of them.'

"Petak opened a consulting firm in the Madison, Wisconsin area in 2009."

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TSE said...

How low can Madison go?

George Petak is an unrepentant whore and blight upon Wisconsin.

Sure - he serves the Lord! The Lord of Darkness!