Thursday, August 18, 2016

"Wisconsin AG Brad Schimel Asks For Halted John Doe Probe Into Alleged Antecedent Illegal Activity by Wisconsin Republicans be Estopped Because Republican Lawmakers Have Since Changed the Law to Retroactively Render the Former Legal Activity Illegal"

From News The JT Can't Use:

How low can Wisconsin Republicans go? The graft, corruption and lawlessness which started in earnest under the leadership of former Republican Governor Tommy Thompson was surprassed by former Democrat Governor Diamond Jim Doyle.  When the voters had enough of the graft, corruption and lawlessness of the Democrat variety, they swung back to the Republicans, who promised to clean up Wisconsin. It’s become abundantely clear that not only did the Republicans lie, but the graft, corruption and lawlessness under Republican Scott Walker has exceeded that of Diamond Jim Doyle. While the Wisconsin State Journal headline read as follows:

Wisconsin attorney general asks US Supreme Court not to hear John Doe appeal 

The headline should have read:
Wisconsin AG Brad Schimel Asks For Halted John Doe Probe Into Alleged Antecedent Illegal Activity by Wisconsin Republicans be Estopped  Because Republican Lawmakers Have Since Changed the Law to Retroactively Render the Former Legal Activity Illegal

From Wisconsin State Journal:

Attorney General Brad Schimel asked the U.S. Supreme Court Monday to reject a review of a halted criminal investigation into Gov. Scott Walker’s recall campaign, marking the first time his office has argued the merits of the case after his predecessor declined to lead the investigation more than three years ago.
Schimel’s filing argues the court should reject the appeal because Walker and the Republican-controlled Legislature have since changed the law making the alleged activity legal and prohibiting the use of secret 'John Doe' proceedings in investigating campaign finance violations.

In June, the lawyers representing the various respondents in the case waived their right to file a response to the request for review filed earlier this year by three Democratic district attorneys. But on July 14, the U.S. Supreme Court directed its clerk to request that responses be filed, according to a letter provided by Schimel’s office.

Schimel filed the brief because of that request, Schimel spokeswoman Rebecca Ballweg said.
Lisa Graves, executive director of the liberal Center for Media and Democracy, which has filed a brief supporting the prosecutors, said the court “has ample grounds for taking the case and reversing the state court’s judgment.”

“The Wisconsin Supreme Court based its self-serving decision on an erroneous misreading of the First Amendment, and its ruling flies in the face of several U.S. Supreme Court decisions regarding corruption,” Graves said.

Scot Ross, executive director of liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now, noted the political arm of Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, one of the conservative groups linked to the investigation, spent $1.5 million in 2014 to help Schimel win election.

“Before he was Attorney General, Brad Schimel said elected officials should be able to help their campaign donors, and this latest action shows he wasn’t kidding,” Ross said.

Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm began the John Doe II investigation based on evidence collected in a prior John Doe investigation into Walker’s Milwaukee County office that resulted in six convictions of Walker aides and associates.

It’s beyond disgusting.

It’s criminal.

It needs to be investigated and lead to more criminal prosecutions.

And AG Brad Schimel is just  carrying on the tradition of former AG JB Van Hollen; acting as Scott Walker’s personal defense attorney, while continuing to ignore the all too numerous crimes being commited by Wisconsin’s Elected Officials and Public Employees.

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TSE said...

Many thanks to you, Orbs Corb for bringing this important issue to the forefront.

Of course, it's not legal.

As stated: IT IS CRIMINAL - and further-

It needs to be emphasized:

For the Living, Breathing, People of Wisconsin without Political Connections, The Written Rule of Law has been long dead; along with Due Process, The Fourth Amendment (retroactively replaced by the good faith exception), Probable Cause, Ethics, Property Rights, Decency, Fair Play, and Equal Protection under the under the law for all. It was bad enough when citizens without political connections had their rights violated by Police, who arrested them while on a “fishing mission” without any probable cause, layered on charges, some false, often lying, and then left the citizen with no recourse but to be finacially exploited by an overpaid, disinterested and questionably competent Attorney (unless you’re millionaire Curt Johnson), or suffer an incompetent Public Defender, and be maliciously prosecuted by corrupt DA’s, Prosecutors, and Judges; all of whom are all members of the same BAR association, and whose livelihoods depend upon the current Wisconsin system of Prosecution for Profit. Justice for the common man in Wisconsin was perverted long ago. Now the Walker Administration has abused the Legislative process in order to change the law in an attempt to escape scrutiny and punishment for their illegal actions which they have now sanctioned through an incestous process. This is not the actions of a dejure government – it is that of a criminal, rogue and defacto State. Will the Walker Administration get away with it?


Thanks again Orbs Corb! For being a True Leader! and revealing The TRUTH!