Saturday, October 29, 2016




"An underwhelming minority voted at the primaries for Michael Nieskes as the republican nominee.

"Nearly 2 out of 3 St. Croix County voters rejected the incumbent, professional politician Nieskes as their first choice.

"The truth cannot be muzzled by Nieskes or his political groupies.

"Facts are Nieskes talks pro second amendment but in reality is a RINO republican who is subversive to 2nd. amendment rights.

"The truth was told in Racine County and the Racine County voters responded by overwhelmingly rejecting his efforts to continue in office.

"Consider this, Mike Nieskes does have the unique resume as many claim, and has many years of experience as many say. Further he had a very short stint as a Scott Walker appointed judge in Racine County. 
"But come voting day in 2012, Racine County voters overwhelmingly rejected Michael Nieskes for what he really was..... A corrupt, subversive narcissist who abused his power while in office."

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Unknown said...

Another one of Scott Walker's LOSER appointees

Bites the Dust

HEY Nieskes! Don't go away MAD! Just GO AWAY!