Friday, October 28, 2016


From Racine Community Media:

"Racine- Sparking months of rumors of in-fighting, disagreements and questionable decision making, it’s now being reported that City Administrator Tom Friedel has abruptly resigned in the middle of the city’s 2017 budget presentation. It’s being reported that he has sent an email to all the Aldermen.

"A former Racine City Official commented, 'City officials don’t just resign if there isn’t a major problem (Re: former Mayor Gary Becker) Retirement by a civil servant is entirely normal, however a resignation in the middle of the 2017 city budget is shocking and abnormal, and is also abandoning the entire community.'

"Another city resident commented, 'Tom’s legacy of corruption began with the backroom deal with his cousin the Mayor, to get him this job without the experience, education or qualifications necessary. He then received a secret pay increase and more raises as he rubber stamped criminally corrupt insider deals involving local officials and their friends.' - City Of Racine Resident

"Rumors have been circulating that City Administrator Tom Friedel has been in opposition to both the city arena project, and has also been closely involved in the debacle of missing millions surrounding the mysteriously failed Machinery Row development. Racine City Hall has also been the subject of unfair treatment of employee’s, drug usage amongst city officials, lawsuits and widespread total disfunction within city hall during Friedel’s appointment. Stay tuned, more news to come."

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Post Script: The Journal Times: "Friedel to Retire in Early 2017" 

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