Friday, January 17, 2020

Photos Show Dozens of Classic Cars Abandoned in Collapsed Train Tunnel

It's human nature to bury the dead. Maybe that's why it's so eerie to look through this collection of photos showing a group of classic cars rotting away in a disused, collapsed train tunnel—it's like peering into a crypt, disturbing the spirits within.
There's a long story behind these leprosic husks and their resting place, a ruined piece of late-Victorian infrastructure in northwest England. After the trains stopped running decades ago, the tunnel was converted into a subterranean car repair shop, then subsequently abandoned in 2012 when a large ceiling collapse threatened the integrity of the entire complex.
Everything was left behind—customer cars, old projects, tools and equipment, and older abandoned vehicles that predated the shop itself—and the place was sealed off. Recently, a local photographer named Kyle May got access to the tunnel from its current owner and agreed to share his photos with The Drive on the condition that we don't publish its exact location or the full backstory to help safeguard it from scavengers. You'll notice that some of the chambers look surprisingly clean and well-lit—that's because the property was actually being used to film a movie at the time.

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